NEW Panasonic FZ200 : It can stand shoulder to shoulder with SONY HX200

Take a look at the Panasonic's Brand new launch in the super zoom category, Here's the first video with the details of the camera and visit for more Amazing sample images and tests Click-Here: PANASONIC FZ200

Sony HX200V Price in India - HX200V Final Exact price by Sony India

Sony India showed the Sony HX200V on the sony india website around 20 dayz ago. The camera was shown in a very high end "H" series cameras.. But the HX200V was with a tag "Comming soon" But don't get disappointed..

Yesterday SONY INDIA put the exact latest PRICE of SONY HX200V on Sony India's site.. This is the first time we are comming  with the exact sony hx200v price in india..

So, Now the time to revel the sony hx200v price in india...

The price is 27,990 INR

This is the price which was much expected.. As we said earlier in a post that the price will be around 32-35000 But it should be 24,000... So they just put a Middle price of 28,000 INR

but sill i think it's bit high amout, but you are getting a awesome 3-way Image stabilization and 60x super clear image zoom.. So what else is needed.. Many of us will surely go for the SONY HX200V in next dayz..

official price link: Here