#1 HX100V vs HX200V

Here's the some of the comparison images of SONY HX200V with other same category bridge cameras or other competing cameras..

Here's the 100% Crop of Sony HX200V and the previous HX100V
Winner - Sony HX200V

It seems that Sony HX200V produces much better colors than HX100V


  1. This is not true for me. Because this 2 photo didn't taken same ange. Firs photo shiny because of the camera ange. Second photo don't have this shine because of different ange. And now, this 2 photo doesn't show true.

    1. Yes u r right. just by producing this pic u can't prove that HX200V is better that 100V

  2. yes, but i think it's no light condition,
    so, the quite angle change dosn't matter but the camera at this light condition thinks that it requites the flash in Auto mode.. So, that's the Change what both cameras contains.