Julia Khoo's First Shots with Sony HX200V Camera

Julia Khoo shares her first experience with the Sony HX200V, let's listen her story in her way..!!
The following food pics were shot in full auto Scene Selection “Gourmet” mode.
I snapped this chicken rice lunch with just my right hand holding the camera; my left hand was holding baby who was sitting in my lap.
 Same for this chai tow kway (fried radish cake) dish – photo was snapped with just one hand.

Using my thumb, I even managed to easily zoom in with the zoom dial. No problem focusing on the close-up details at all — yay! And doesn’t this chai tow kway look absolutely yummy?

 Here are some colorful mini ang ku kueh. For this pic, I only adjusted the exposure. The colors turned out to be vivid and saturated without any touching up.

 This economic fried bee hoon breakfast was shot indoors under florescent lighting (auto white balance). Colors were not as warm or saturated but still sufficiently vivid.

Those who have taken pictures of animals will know how frustrating it is, because animals won’t stay still and pose for you! That’s when the Pet mode in Scene Selection comes in handy.
The greatest feature of the HX200V is its 18.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor (the highest resolution sensor currently offered in the mainstream “point and shoot” market) and a massive 30x optical/60x Clear Image Zoom, which promises incredible close-ups and amazing clarity.

Following images are also taken with Sony HX200V

 This was shot from an HDB block in my estate (Jalan Bukit Merah, opposite Singapore General Hospital). In the background, you can see Raffles Place (centre left) and Pinnacle@Duxton (near the right).
Let’s zoom in towards Pinnacle@Duxton.

This is the left-most tower. See that crane on top of the building? Let’s zoom in to get a closer look.

This is the maximum distance that the camera could zoom in. Wow, the details are amazing! From where I was standing, I couldn’t even see the crane!
 Next, let’s zoom in towards Raffles Place.

 This is the top of UOB Plaza at maximum close-up. It’s truly amazing that I can zoom in from such a far distance! No need for hefty telephoto lens!


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