Sony HX200V Image Quality Test Review

            Image quality test been done with the Sony Cyber-shot HX200V camera..
            The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V allows you to set ISO in 1/3 step increments, but we’re posting samples from just the ‘main’ settings for easy and concise reference.

           The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V produces some fairly detailed and clean photos at lower ISO settings. Photos are detailed at ISO 100, as you can see from the surface texture on the green part of our test chart. The camera does some processing on photos at ISO 200 and ISO 400, but it’s minor and keeps photos clean and free of noise. You could make huge prints out of photos at these settings, especially with the Sony HX200V’s high resolution of 18 megapixels.

Sony HX200V ISO 100
Sony HX200V ISO 200
Sony HX200V ISO 400
Sony HX200V ISO 800
Sony HX200V ISO 1600
Sony HX200V ISO 3200
Sony HX200V ISO 6400
Sony HX200V ISO 12800

At ISO 800, photos start to look slightly grainy and there is a hint of color smudging but nothing too noticeable to be concerned about. Photos taken at this setting will still make great large prints and display as wallpaper on your computer or tablet. Photos at ISO 1600 lose some saturation and become slightly muddy looking (some detail is lost), which restricts uses to smaller prints and display. At ISO 3200, this becomes even more noticeable and I wouldn’t recommend using this setting unless you’re fine with 4 x 6 prints or tiny phone wallpaper.

The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V has 2 ISO ‘boost’ settings which quickly takes a string of six photos at ISO 6400 or ISO 12800 and combines them together into a single photo to reduce noise and improve quality. These two settings cannot be used in continuous shooting mode since the camera already has to take multiple shots and combine them. Unfortunately, ISO 6400 and ISO 12800 are not usable at all since they look very muddy with poor color saturation and detail levels.

The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V shows just a slight amount of lens distortion in its photos and minor color fringing (chromatic aberration) in high contrast scenes. For most part, neither of those two will pose problems or even be noticeable in your photos unless you inspect them really closely. The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V also displays fairly good corner sharpness, especially considering it has a 30X zoom lens.


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