Sony HX200V What's Hot N Not

What’s hot:
  • Good image quality; clean photos up to ISO 800, usable up to ISO 1600
  • Versatile 30X zoom lens, now with improved optical image stabilization
  • Sharp 3 inch LCD which has decent to good legibility and can be tilted up/down
  • Excellent battery life
  • Custom button and ability to save 3 sets of settings in Memory Recall mode
  • Full manual mode, built-in ND filter, exposure/white balance bracketing and white balance shift
  • Built-in GPS (though only coordinates are logged); new tracking mode reduces acquisition times
  • New Photo Creativity mode is useful for beginners learning to adjust camera settings
  • Sweep Panorama, HDR, 3D photo/panorama modes and many scene modes; new Picture Effects
  • Top notch performance, very fast response and speeds (except the command dial and startup time)
  • Great Full HD movie mode with high bitrate, stereo sound, optical zoom, autofocus, wind filter and image stabilization 
What’s not:
  • Lens that starts at a wider angle and better lens cap design would have been nice
  • Only 2 aperture choices at any given time; no RAW image mode
  • No high-speed/slow motion movie option
  • Slow startup time; laggy command dial response
  • No flash hotshoe, low resolution EVF




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